Easy & efficient app development with Microsoft Power Apps

Consistency Is A Big Deal for small business

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Microsoft Power Apps is a low code application development platform that empowers businesses to build professional web and mobile apps to solve their business challenges. 

Reduce time to market developing apps using
Microsoft Power Apps

With the platform’s intuitive low-code capabilities, Definity First can easily and quickly create apps and streamline efficiencies, all while saving costs. We will empower everyone, regardless of technical ability, to turn bright ideas into brilliant apps, and solve business problems.



PowerApps Assessment, Strategy & POC



UI/UX: APP Design & Development


 POC & Custom business apps development

POC & Custom business apps development



Integrations & Third-Party Services



Training, Support & Maintenance



Microsoft PowerApps Staff Augmentation



Definity First & PowerApps

No matter who you are, Power Apps is disrupting business software development. Millions of new citizen developers are learning to create apps and professionals are doing more while focusing on the code that matters.

Modernize processes and solve difficult challenges by empowering everyone the tools to build their own solutions - a non-technical user can create, manage, and share business apps in any devices and set of built-in tools.

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Highly tailored business applications


16+ years of experience & Microsoft Partner


Solid Understanding of Data Architecture

Benefits of building apps with PowerApps

Low-code platforms enable a visual approach to building apps, empowering everyone, regardless of whether they can code or not, to quickly turn their bright ideas, into brilliant apps.

For speed

Leverage the Common Data Service with pre-built AI models in AI Builder, and unlock value faster across your organization.

For efficiency

Build custom apps in hours—not months—that connect to your existing data and systems to solve problems faster and drive efficiency.

For adapting quickly

Reduce time & cost building web and mobile applications, enabling you to get through your development backlog.

The world needs great solutions. Build yours faster, with Power Apps.

Increase agility across your organization by rapidly building low-code apps that modernize processes and solve tough challenges.
All the power in the hands of your people.

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Deploy quickly, add value continuously

Launch working apps in a fraction of the time with a platform designed for agile deployment. Deliver value fast and continuously evolve features to further benefits.

Integrate data with just a few clicks

Create business apps that act on the data you collect and use every day, capture new data directly, integrate data from hundreds of sources with pre-built custom APIs.