Moving forward with remote work during COVID-19

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Microsoft Teams: Staying productive while working remotely

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that makes all data and communications accessible for employees and teams working remotely. It’s the Microsoft shared workplace that connects and provides an improved meeting experience that any company needs to own to make work happen as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

How to manage a crisis with your intranet & support remote teams

As companies are adapting their strategies and dealing with remote working policies, one thing is clear; having the right management communication tool with a broad range of features is essential. So this COVID-19 crisis may be the perfect time to consider an intranet web portal as your game-changer to keep your company updated, engaged and that supports remote teams.

Remote working insights that are shaping the industry

COVID-19 has been shaking all industries globally, but the possibility of working from home has been embraced by all types of companies across all industries, but despite the fact, Owl Labs reports that almost 44% of companies around the globe don’t allow remote working, and this is a benefit that’s shaping the future of work that companies need to consider.

Intranet web portal benefits for an improved remote working experience

The concept of working transformed drastically, and this where an intranet web portal enters. It’s a powerful collaboration and communication tool that increases productivity, drives engagement, and enables companies to unleash the benefits of remote working to employees and teams located in different time zones.

The winning remote work checklist you need to own

Even if managing and communicating with remote working teams sound as a challenge, we are here to make the most of your workforce, assets and technology. We collected some recommendations for maintaining productivity  and collaboration when working remotely with this checklist.

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